berlin, anyone?

Have any of you been following Berlin Fashion week? I wish i had been, some of the collections on Fashion Spot are really innovative, and now i'm kind of ashamed to say that i thought of it as a low key- low creativity type event. I've been particually captured by these head peices by Scherer González, a label created all the way back in 2004. Although the clothing isn't amazing, and in some places a little ugly, i can only imagine the work put into creating the headpeices the models are wearing (and how difficult it was to change outfits backstage without ruining them!).

I think perhaps i'm becoming a little hat/headpeice crazy...

(picture source, the fashion spot)

Of course if i find head shots, i'll put them up so you can see them in more detail.

I've been featured on All That Glitters, and its so sweet what she put about me:
"Molly! She is only fifteen but woah, serious brains on this girl! Her posts are fabulous, she loves Chanel as much as I do and has an actual letter from Vogue."
Thankyou thankyou thankyou! You can see it here.
And i've been given an award by the lovely Kay (who i've just found out lives in the same area as me!), which has of course made my day, and now I have to link other lovely bloggers to carry the award torch.

Im going to choose:

Lottie from the pelican and me for her amazing cheap but chic look and for generally being amazing and writing me beautiful novels
Demi from fashionably early for her lovely photography and lace cardigan, and for calling people 'honey' (i love that!)
Deline from lady croissant for her general inspiration and for truly reading every one of my posts
Lets Get Sandy from all that glitters for being lovely and having very inspirational posts
Dapper Kid from dapper kid for his outstanding photography and enjoyable essays :)
and of course fashion chalet for commenting over 100 bloggers per post, and still having enough time to put together lovely posts.

And of course to everyone else on my links list, i love you guys *sobs*
*oh and to anyone wondering about the vivienne interview, hopefully it will be posted soon!*


Kay said...

I am very much liking the pink skirt sort of "bursting" from the plaid... what a horrific way to put it but that is how it worked out in my head. Oh dear.

I do! This is the first saturday I haven't been in in so long but I'm going out later so I couldn't be bothered. Is it just me or did you find the Grand Arcade a bit of a disappointment? I went to the opening because it's an 'historic event' but then I realized it housed Jane Norman and my excitement evaporated. This is so crazy, I must've seen you at some point...I am blatantly going to say something Cambridge-related in every single comment from now on. What school do you go to? Although I'd understand if you didn't want to answer that because I could be some kind of crazy serial killer or something (I'm not by the way)! I think I need to shut up now because I have practically re-written War and Peace.

Thank you for your lovely comment by the way, and you deserve the award (:

LetsGetSandy said...

thaaaank you molly!

Shini said...

wait wait, I didn't know you're 15! You talk way too smart for a 15 year old! not that 15 year olds talk like drunk russian men, but your reports on trends and elements are so sophisticated. I'm so impressed, remember me when you're writing for Vogue ;)! heh

this wheel's on fire said...

I'm loving those headpieces!!
Congrats on your award dear! xo

Anonymous said...

will link you in my next post!!!!
did you catch skins?
it was the best ep yet!i love thomas,i was really sad when he had to leave
cant wait till nest weeks one..

frances said...

I was just the 1000th hit on your profile :)

My hair... ohhh, the tousled-osity comes at a price. I normally don't use conditioner, as it leaves your hair a bit more texturey if you just shampoo it. I sleep with it wet, wake up with it usually very knotty but straight. Then I sort of, er, wave it with my GHDs. I'm sure there are tutorials on Youtube for that sort of thing, but generally you clamp a piece of hair, twist the straighters 180 degrees so that the hair clamped is parallel to the rest of your hair... pull the hair through a few centimetres, then twist the straighteners 360 and repeat the whole thing.
I've just re read that and it's probably the least useful thing ever. Erm, VO5 volume spray is also quite useful? A bit of backbrushing never goes amiss, either.

Sorry about the essay!
I'd love to swap links. x

La Couturier said...


the editor found my blog when it was still a baby, say, about a month old? she liked my writing & style & then offered me an internship =]

La C.

Demi said...

oh thank you so much honey! you are such a sweetheart!!! *virtual hug* haha.

and i agree, you definitely are mature for your age! are you in year 10 or 11 honey?


Antonia said...

thanks darling, you're too sweet! and i've been a little obsessed with headpieces lately too! feathers and lace and braided leather! love all forms of headwear

Zoë said...

the weather is pretty good, although there's so much wind here all the time! That's quite annoying.
My school end at 2 'o clock on Wednesdays and Fridays, but all the other days school ends at 5.30. In Belgium (where I lived before moving to Spain) I was used to be home at 3.30, so for me it's a bit late now.
What time does your school end?

(I'm sorry if my English is bad >.<)

Raquel said...

oh yeah the head pices are a little ccrazy, but I liked the rest overall.
congrats on the award darling :)
hope you are having a nice weekend!

Lilpixie said...

Those headpieces are amazing! If you like those you should check out phlip tracey he is one of my favourite milliners! P.S. i decided to follow your blog!

strikeapose said...

I haven't been following it, but wish I had. The second and third looks are outstanding.

Divinity Avenue said...

I wish we were into headwear here in the states. I really love fascinators and these kinds of elaborate hats.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've been looking at some of the stuff from berlin fashion week, i'm quite impressed.

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm so with you on the headpieces. They're gorgeous!

Eeli said...

Congratulations on the award! Totally deserving dear.

Those headpieces are amazing and you're just 15? Waaaaah, no fair. Such a bright wee star you are :)

Eeli xoxo

closeup said...

great clothes!!

Lluviaschick said...

i just like the head pieces, that's all... the rest of the collection is nothing impressive. since chanel hc show I'm so obssesed with head pieces

Ana said...

Those nature hats just made my life and inspired me intensely. Thanks for sharing.

Couture Carrie said...

Wow! What stunning designs - thanks for posting these, darling! And congrats on your award :)


She's Dressing Up said...

Wow those headpieces!!

Dooder City said...

yey. you deserve the award. i love the head dresses! so beautiful.

jaime said...

oh loving the headpieces! so pretty :) and congrats on the award, totally deserve it!

jessica said...

you deserve everything you received :]

ps, love the new header . it is new, right ? i'm not insane ?


yiqin; said...

Wow, thanks for sharing!!! So gorgeous/ Very interesting

Anna Pope said...

I am really liking these, and the head pieces are divine!

Ambroisine said...

The headpieces are amazing, I love it !
I just discover that you are 15 !! I still can't believe it.. thought you were 25 :)

LoveMore said...

those head peices are amazing!
good read here too btw!
xx LM

agnes said...

honey, if you are a headpiece addict, then count me in as well.. they are tooo beautiful to even look at it.

btw, thank you soo much for your sweet words in my blog, it means a lot to me :)


Rand said...

amazing hair pieces
if u wear that to school people will be thinking i am weaired here,i dont know about you?
i am already called a hippie by some stuck up little girls for waerin different headbands around my head.but who cares.lol
lovely pics:~)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you Sweet Molly!
I was away for the w/e but what a nice surprise to find this award waiting for me (kinda).
Thanks you thank you :)

Love those headpieces. Still looking for one for a wedding in August...

My camara fell down (bloody tripod) I'll try to get it fixed within the week but so long, nothing new on my blog... :(

Take care.

Eri said...

Love the tartan number!

dapper kid said...

Thank you so so much for the award my dear :) And those headpieces are absolutely stunning!

Taylor said...

Those are absolutely amazing. I love the third outfit, so pretty!