setting the scene.

Admittedly, it's not something i notice when watching collections, and i'm sure this applies for some of you from time to time. I think when it comes down to it, i'm focusing most on every detail of the clothes and/or model to notice anything else. What i'm talking about is the scenery and backdrop of a fashion show, and i don't think it recieves enough credit from the fashion industry.

For the press/buyers visiting the collections, a good scenery and setting will be the first and most important impression made on the collection. Nearly always, the viewers of a collections will be required to wait short periods of time before the show begins, and so it is clear how important the scenery can be. If used cleverly, it will give away the themes or 'moods' of a collection and in my eyes, the more innovative and OTT the better.

For example, in the Chanel Couture 09 show, the delicate flowers 'growing' up the sides of the stone staircase can clearly be compared with the sharp and pristine white tailoring, and is continued with the paper headpeices.

(picture source: dazed digital)

The same could be applied for Alexander Mcqueen S/S 08, who's LCD pegusus on black background helped portray further the idea of classic shapes taken on with more modern aspects in the collection, and continues the mythical theme through feather prints and details on the clothing.

(picture source: google searches)

Another example is S/S 08 Viktor and Rolf's use of a blown up picture of a girl, with models entering through the mouth. This related to the paired down feel of the collection compared with their former designs, and showed that good designers don't have to speak loud to be noticed, relating to the idea of the mouth.

(picture source: google searches)
So perhaps, when we begin to watch this years run of London Fashion Week (or New York/Paris/Milan for all you bloggettes from across the pond), we should look closer at what the scenery can tell us about the collection, aswell as just the clothes.


Cate said...

For what?? Oh boy, now I'm intrigued.

frances said...

I'd love to exchange links! And I always love how much of a production Viktor & Rolf make of their shows, it's incredible. x

Zoƫ said...

oh, for people in the UK Topshop is probably a normal thing. But where I lived before (in Belgium) we didn't even have 1 Topshop store :/

xoxo (excuse me for my bad english)

La Couturier said...

hi darling! =]

lovely post; i do love how amazing those shows start out!

btw, dujour isn't sold in stores yet, sadly. it is available to order online, though! (the link is up on my blog, if you'd like =]) & the print mag shall be delivered to your home =]

La C.

la petite fashionista said...

i agree- fashion show sets are often overlooked but there is so much thought & detail put into them to correlate with the collections! I wish the style.com photos weren't so cropped and allowed a more expansive view of the show!

Kay said...

Really good point actually, I'd never really thought about this! The Chanel scenery was beautiful. Plus I love anything Viktor & Rolf do.

The Sequel To War and Peace:

Luckily I don't have that problem as my mates are big Topshop fans, literally every Saturday I am in there at least once I swear. Most of the time I just skulk around Starbucks though (and sneak other people's drinks... I am too cheap). Have you checked out the vintage clothes stall on the market? I've not had much luck there, there's a LOT of old Marks & Spencer stuff! I go to St. Mary's, but I live about 20 minutes away from the centre of town, near Bar Hill (not sure if you know where that is, it has the mahoosive Tesco). Are you in year 11 at the mo? If you are I can give you lotss of GCSE type tips if you want them, I went through that crazy crazy time last year. I'm not sure how I managed to revise for ten subjects!

La Couturier said...

p.s.: i gave you an award on my blog =]

La C.

Luna Supernova said...

beautiful, i think the scene of a fashion show is incredibly important as first impressions usually make quite a difference in someones overall impression of an event, not to mention a fantastic set makes for a very memorable show.

roxanne said...

this is such a great post, really made me think about an element of fashion shows that i only notice from time to time. great images!

LoveMore said...

WOW..so brilliant indeed..i love the first the best..so much detail it's mind blowing!

thanks for your comment - will let you know a soon as i see it...NEXT WEDNESDAY..boys are USELESS!! my brother got the day wrong. idiot. not happy!

xxx LM

Trish said...

HAHA. I love the third setting! :)

this wheel's on fire said...

hey gorgeous girl!! how are you?
oh beautiful shows! xo

strikeapose said...


Eeli said...

Very well said. Stage layout is always indicative of what we can expect and is just another way to communicate their concepts and line to the audience. And the gull dance? You're just maybe could be right.. ;)

Hope your monday has been going fab dear.

Luv xx

The Cherry Blog said...

Fabulous that you are looking at the scenery as well as the clothes - after all shows are whole experience aren't they?! Love the chanel decor!

Lluviaschick said...

JG himself has designed the shoes

dapper kid said...

I always try to see shots of the full show before setting my mind on a collection, sometimes they are simply breathtaking!

Dooder City said...

wow, so beautiful.

Couture Carrie said...

Oooooh I had not seen these before - how fabulous!!


Demi said...

aw thank you honey!

and wow, they all look amazing, especially the chanel one of course!


carocream said...

lovely post

Anonymous said...

viktor rolf is pretty awesome
lol i look awful from the side view of the crop top..gose..ill start sit ups too!
hahhalol about the sister thing:)
and im making a collage of fashion for my walls..inspired by yours:)
your my inspiration molly!
lovelots zzxx

LetsGetSandy said...

these are gorgeous.
i really haven't noticed the setting much before at all!

that's perfect, i am totally mary-kate :)


Emily Anne said...

Sometimes I find myself actually more intrigued by the backdrops than the show itself! Crazy but yes. And I love the way you phrased the idea of letting the art speak volumes for itself in the Viktor and Rolf's show.

Great great post. I think about this subject often.

Bella said...

I agree, the backdrop definitely makes an impact. I mean, just look at these images!


MICHELE3 said...

ya know i never though of it until now but your right about that..even the music goes with the designer collection...hey check out my blog...

jessica said...

i lovelovelove alexander mcqueen's ss09 show .
the clothes are absolutely lustworthy and the setup ain't too shabby either .
i just felt like mentioning that since alexander mcqueen was already noted ..

also, john galliano's productions are insanely intricate .
carousels, lightshows, the whole nine yards .

you should check out alexandre de betak for more runway setups :]


yiqin; said...

Great post! I always feel that a lot of work is done to put up a show. From the choosing the models, & like you said, the scene! It is just so great to see how they put it all together

Sunniva said...

I love how the scenery sets a mood for the shows! Chanel's couture 09 show was fantastic. A great read, Molly, thank you for this xoxo

Jessica said...

i agree. a lot of time goes into designing the set also :))

Inside Mode said...

Oh my! I seriously love this!! Espcially the Alexander McQueen set. I remember when I first saw the video of it. It seriously made me jealous of everyone in the audence that got to be there.