intro for the new girl

Hello blogging world!
As you can probably tell this is a new blog and although i am not entirely a noob to the blogosphere, it has been a while and i've decided to start completely afresh.

My name is Molly, and to put it plainly, i have a strange compulsive disorder when it comes to fashion. Although it may not be a large part of my life at the moment as i am still enjoying the pleasure (not) of education, it is something i really enjoy. I'm english, so to all the american bloggettes, i am sorry but you will have to put up with my english-isms that i do use quite alot! As for my style, i'm very much eclectic. I'll be the girl that you'll see looking a bit like a homeless person some of the time, but we can all laugh at my fashion plunders later! I'm very much a bag person, and i have alot of fashion peeves which i will probably bore you all with in pretty much every post.

And so (drumroll) i present to you my new blog, Fashion Flush in which i hope to publish my thoughts and wisdom(?) of fashion aswell as my personal style pictures which i will hopefully have up later this week!

Seeing as i'm still new to the blogosphere, i really would appreciate it if any of you could add me to your links, and of course i'll add you to my own very dismal list.

I hope that this will be the start of a very beautiful relationship, and that you will enjoy my daily ramblings,

Molly x


molly said...

heyyy welcome back fellow molly!
i definitely remember you, of course!
and id been wondering where you got to, im glad youre back :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

knitted by you8r nan that makes them all the more classic and cuter! :)

hope you like the play list, dear!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

Hello molly! Welcome!


miss milki said...

Welcome Molly! Good luck with the blog, I'm looking forward to reading it.

Cate said...

Hey Molly! You had that blog 'Fashionyou', didn't you? I always wondered what had become of you!
You and your relationship with fashion sound interesting, yay! Can't wait for your posts!
And yay I like British English! :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

welcome! :)

coco said...

Good luck with the new blog.

Cory K said...

I can completely relate to you.
I had past blogs, then quit. Just two days ago, I started fresh.

Good luck; and I'd love to exchange links?
Oh and what was your past blog? Maybe i'll remember.

forever & always,
cory / InHISVogueEyes.blogspot.com

myra said...

Welcome back, love! I'd love to trade links too. Let me know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderfu... i was a total newbie when i started out... as you can see if you look back..(please don't haha!) I'm gonna add you to my list.. :)
Keep up the good blogging, and i love your style. x