the first of the couture

The deed was completed last night with the Gareth Roberts scenario, i called, got incredibly nervous and probably sounded completely obnoxious whilst trying to hide the fact i had butterflies in my stomach. And it was only a phone call. Dear me, I must be the most socially awkward person in all invention...
But, good news is, i had the chance to submit my questions, and his PR said he'd get back to me hopefully by the end of the week. So, the questions you wanted will be coming soon.
I can't wait!
After reading 'Plan your Edtitorial Calender' on independant fashion bloggers, i decided to start book-marking the major fashion weeks/events onto my laptop calender. So when i signed in yesterday to be greeted by 'PARIS COUTURE DAY ONE', of course, i headed straight to Style.com.
Other than London and Paris ready to wear, Paris Couture week is the only set of fashion shows that i follow religiously. As a poor-still-in-full-time-education-fashionista, and therefore unable to purchase ANY of designer garments, I find that even the ready to wear items have to be revoloutionary to catch my eye. And as the couture collections are even more exclusive, you could say i have a high expectation of the select designers showing this year.

The couture collections are always handmade and show extroadinary tailoring, of which i am always infatuated with. It was invented by Charles F Worth, who originally hailed from over here in the grey lands of England, but made his mark on the fashion industry in France as a couturier. Charles created luxuary one of a kind peices that were tailor made for his rich clients, of which were shown on 'live portfolios' (and completely lust-worthy). Other designers that followed in his footsteps were are: personal hero, Chanel, but also Balenciaga, Lanvin, Dior, and independant Couture houses such as Yves Saint Laurent. This then lead to Ready-to-wear collections and other branding methods, and helped establish the rtw fashion weeks. With the current reccesion, the Couture collections are now mostly used to boost esteem of a label, which makes my expectations sky high- i want innovations, and i want it now!

So, due to my love of Couture, there will most probably be a few posts covering the couture week, mainly because i love viewing the shows. But hopefully we can all enjoy a week of Couture-based banter.
Here are the first delights from one of the Couture Legends: Dior. This is exactly what i want when i say 'revolutionary'. I DO want exaggerated 50's style skirts, i DO want hugh tulip-hips, I DO want huge floppy hats, I REALLY want the small ruffle detailing. I even want the simpler line of white dresses, decorated with elaborate blue flowers, bows or rosettes. But what i want the most is reaction to the reccession. Keep us dreaming Couturiers, i know Dior has.

"There's a credit crunch, not a creative crunch. Of course, everyone is being more careful with their discretionary purchases. I am. But it's our job to make people dream, and to provide the value in quality, cut, and imagination." - Christian Dior

Oh, and thankyou for the awards, i'll be awarding them to other blogettes next week!


closeup said...

wow! these dresses are truly adorable!! love them!

ps: you're welcome :)

jamie clare said...

ohhhhhh so fabulous. so so so fabulous. one day, i want to be in a photo shoot in absolutely stunning couture, and i don't give a hoot if it's published. i just want that putting on a couture gown feeling. like cinderella on narcotics.

dandy gum said...

hey thanks!

credit crunch talk has become so bromidic :)
shal we wear black mourning dreses?

i love that phrase '.......no creative crunch'

Dooder City said...

Dior is the bomb.

Kay said...

The camera would be a FinePix number from Fujifilm - it is indeed a brilliant camera but requires both hands otherwise the camera shake is insane. This is why I am getting someone else to take my photos soon, I hate mirror photos.
Thank you for the compliment - but it makes buying jeans so hard so you really shouldn't be jealous! Also they probably look longer because of the boots.

I love the bottom right dress, it's incredible. I know what you mean about having high standards when it comes to clothing catching your eye being in the same full time education situation. This is why vintage is so great - everything is different and better made!

Anonymous said...

oh couture,couture,couture
did you watch the bbc 4 thing aboyt it?If you can get into them without any adjustments,you get 30 % off!
its just so beautifull
ive tagged you in my most recent post btw
primark revolution oh yes!
it is,its so gorgeous as well,kind of circus chic!i hope they have it in stock in southend!
it was good i thought:)a lil immature with cook,but its alright,effy was classic,and it was cool:)
i watched 90210(i love saying that) its awesome..!

zoƫ said...

dior couture is always soo amazing .
and galliano = god .

awesome post, as always ! x love .

Behind the Seams said...

those dresses are divine!

this wheel's on fire said...

wow gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so grateful you have those great posts to keep me upadated, i'm really bad at following fashion weeks.. i'd love to but i just have no time. thank you thank you!

strikeapose said...

First, second, and last looks are divine.

Krystal said...

so exciting!

futureowndesigner said...

i so adore these images, the dresses are beautiful

Qiwy said...


A lot of Thanks for your lovely comment, you make me feel very happy.


LoveMore said...

OH WOW yes i ADORE Couture also..it's so refreshing and imaginative! great selections u have shared! and glad you survived the interview dear!

real estate when well too thanks! haha and thanks for your concern on my friend :) too kind. and yes she is ok and home now and stitched up..she is the girl wearing the sass and bide sparkle top a few posts ago...Sparkle Love!!

much love from me to you xxx LM

Bella said...

Oh, this collection is like... magic! Gorgeous. xxx

Ambroisine said...

Great dresses, my favourite is the black one, really chic !

Rand said...

wow amazing dresses!
adore me?wow thank you,u are too sweet.made my day:)

Couture Carrie said...

Ohhhhh thanks for posting these exquisite pics - this is my favorite time of year - YAY for Couture!


yiqin; said...

This is totally my fave couture collection! I am always so damn excited for couture week!

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
oh and it sounds good! I really wish that I would have been into fashion this time two years ago, cos maybe then i would have taken textiles - but i'm useless at everything like that. its my goal to learn!

oh and i love couture too - theres something about those pieces - I want them all!!

oh and could we trade links please honey? your blog has become a firm favourite!!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous couture dresses :)

& yaay! i am so excited for those interview questions. i highly doubt you sounded obnoxious at all! you were probably fine :)

La C.

Anonymous said...

i really havnt..youve made it into my book of records!
i do love you:)your very awesome:)
hehe..i bet your not a bitch:)
and so does mine!we are truly pikeys together!
ok!im a lot more ermm..mad too.But well bond !yay:)
it was pretty cool,and i enjoyed watching it.GOSSIP GIRL TONIGHT OMG:)))
i am brilliant yourselff?

jessica said...

that's AMAZING ♥
you're definitely a lucky one .


dapper kid said...

Dior looked absolutely stunning, such a beautiful collection! And it is such a shame that we only have a handful of couture shows nowadays, in the post war period Paris was literally flooded with couture shows!

molly said...

those last dresses are soo dramatic, its awesome!

famemoneysuccess said...

Dior couture is amazing!!


Trish said...

All I can say is WOW to those pretty gowns!! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

So true! I was just thinking something similar today--people might be suffering from a lack of funds, but it's exactly the right time to be inspired and to escape from a harsh reality for a little while.

Cory K. said...

christian dior in genius. i love these!
great post & thanks for sharing (;