i want lots of clothes and f* loads of diamonds

It's officially Couture day number 3, and i couldn't resist posting two outfits from ] Jean Paul Gaultier. It's so theatrical and eccentric, that at first viewing on The Fashion Spot (By the way does anyone hand out invitations? It's getting hard for me to find the information i want without the log-in!) i fell in love, and the link fell straight into my favourites pile. The sheer (almost cage-like) wedding dress is pure fashion magic, and the feathered shoulders are just the right couture twist on the exaggerated shoulder trends of the rtw collections. Seems like the couturier's have heard my blogging plea for innovation!

pictures, the fashion spot
And now i'm going to be really irritating and change the entire theme of the post to my recent tags. From my gorgeous blogging BFFL, Lottie, I've been tagged the 16 questions about me post, and well, here it is, the definitive fashion guide to Moi!

  1. I'm a cheap skate. I buy all my clothes either in the sale or i use one of my many discount cards to get money off.

  2. As i've ranted on about in the past, i have a fear of bright colours. I like to dress subtly, just focusing on nice fabric or textures...

  3. I only own about 4 pairs of shoes. One pair of super low heels, one pair of lace pumps, one pair of converse and one pair of over the knee boots. And all you bloggers with your amazing shoes give me serious withdrawal symptoms!

  4. I find the fashion on the Hills and The City inspiring. Its that laid back LA look, okay?

  5. I am obsessed with organising magazines. I've started a fashion inspiration folder like the lovely Jamie and i'm infatuated with it...

  6. I keep my Vogues and Elles in seperate piles on my bookcase all in monthly order...

  7. I have a small fortunes worth of fashion books. And yet i haven't read almost a half of them yet!

  8. I find Chanel always inspiring, even if the collections are usually very repetitive. Its the pearls-on-black look!

  9. I even plan my outfits when i do P.E in school. Silver converse and topshop cycling shorts anyone?

  10. I've never watched Sex and the City. But i did adore the film.

  11. I don't really have a 'trademark' style. And i don't really want one yet. I'm having too much fun experimenting!

  12. I love adrodgyny. I've got a very boyish figure so it seems to suit me...

  13. I've wanted to be fashion editor of Vogue since i was 11. And i still do.

  14. I have 3 coats, and i alternate the days that i wear each one.

  15. I'm attracted to things that are so tacky that they are amazing. Snakeskin heart shaped bag with chain strap = Yes Please!

  16. I only really watch London fashion week. With the exception of Couture and a bit here and there of Paris.

And then i've been given the 'Fabulous Blogger Award' from amazing bloggettes closeup, and also from the amazing international ♫ Vii ♫. This is so sweet of you guys, thankyou!

This goes out to everyone that commented my last post, you guys made my day!


zoë said...

totaaaaaaally .

paris at night must be just as spectacular, if not more, than paris during the day ?

anyways i really intend on going, i just have to save up some cold hard cash ! and maybe convince the parentals .. they obviously play a big part in my scheme to jet off to europe ;]

ps i totally adore that lily allen song . isn't she just adorable ?!

Demi said...

sorry honey, I pass the fashion tag onto you too, I actually was going to give it to you anyway, but for some reason didnt...anyway, have fun with it!


Demi said...

oh and thank you very much for your lovely comment honey :)
and wow, sounds like we have a lot in common, most of those facts apply to me too!

and yes, I watch Gossip Girl and 90210...I don't watch skins, its on too late for me haha!

I love Gossip Girl - its just fabulous! are you team serena or team blair?
how gorgeous was the cream shirt with the yellow ruffles and orange shorts combo she wore in yesterdays episode?

and 90210 was fabulous too, i'm already hooked after one episode!


Raquel said...

"I don't really have a 'trademark' style. And i don't really want one yet. I'm having too much fun experimenting!" - I guess me too :)

jessica said...

amazing .
imagine wearing that jpg white dress for your wedding ?

+ i do have a flickr account, i just always fprget the password/username, so i don't use it all that often .
do you have flickr ?

& of course id love to trade links , consider it done .


Kay said...

He seems to have pulled back a bit on the eccentric front whilst maintaining the innovative spirit you were talking about... I like it! I only really pay much attention to Paris and London, Milan in particular rarely interests me.

Also I really like your blog so I added you to my links section - and I'm pretty selective so feel proud (:

Fashion Babbler said...

amazing picks from the jean paul gaultier show! its definitely one of my favorite couture shows so far.

And I enjoyed reading your 16 things about yourself. I have a fashion inspiration folder and its gotten pretty extensive, its quite addicting!!

futureowndesigner said...

wow that bride's dress (?) is amazingly chic and so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jean Paul Gaultier. Period.

ryder said...

i dont know if i find chanel always inspirational, but as i resppect their classics and adore its couture line.

The Cherry Blog said...

Adore the wedding style ensemble! xx

Krystal said...

i just saw your request, im adding you to my links now x

Anonymous said...

sooo gorgeous; that collection was breathtaking!

i love reading these kind of posts; tags are so fun! i actually just completed that tag too, so if you're curious read away! (warning: it is quite the massive post... haha)

La C.

dandy gum said...


strikeapose said...

That first dress is orgasmic. yes.

Dooder City said...

You are amazing. Congrats on the award.

Ana said...

I love 9.

I too plan my sport outfits too and match my stick to my school field hockey uniform.

Want to trade links?

yiqin; said...

I think its nice he got a very chic & stylish retired french model to close the show too!

Couture Carrie said...

Your post title made me laugh!

I love your facts - thanks for sharing them! I am the same with mags :)

Congrats on your award, darling!


LML said...

i love that lily song! i CANNOT WAIT for the new CD!

molly said...

haha love the outrageous wedding dress!

Aisha said...

Gaulthier is kind of a genius in fashion terms.

I haven't watched sex and the city series either!

STARR said...

wow I'm impressed with your restraint in buying shoes :P

Rabenschwarz said...

great post, love the title and the bride dress.

adele said...

wow, those dresses are amazing. couture week was pretty laidback as they go, but there was a bit of extravagance that i missed!

Valentine said...

I enjoyed reading your random facts! and I agree with you about Chanel.. I used to not like the designs as much but I gave in and saw how wonderfully classic and yet forward they are. Pearls on black are here to stay.. haha.



dapper kid said...

Congrats on the award dear :) And I loved the JPG couture, it was wonderfully creative and on the good side of crazy! Oh and I totally keep my Vogue and Elles in order by month, I hate having messy shelves!

Toothache and Vinyl said...

hahaha, one of the main reasons why i watch The Hills and The City is to see all the cool clothes:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.