questions for gareth roberts

Okay, so no, i haven't got any pictures, videos or voice clips from the Gareth Roberts/Vivienne Westwood Red Label/Arts event i attended on Saturday. BUT, it was a very inspiring talk (he attended central st. martins, which automatically makes him a personal hero), and he was incredibly sweet, and answered all of my questions, of which, embarrassingly for my friend, there were many. He talked about the entire design process, how artwork inspires his work, about what fashion means to him, which was all very intresting, and was kind of a kid-in-a-sweet store scenario for me. Unfortunately, as soon as the museum attendant saw me with the camera, she informed me that we WEREN'T allowed to use cameras in the gallery which was a major dissapointment.

(image, backstage at VWRL, dazed digital)

However, after the show, me and my friend went over to talk to him, and i mentioned how i had wanted to post about the talk on my blog, and he very kindly gave me the number of his PR so i could call and interview him! Which, of course, has put me in fashion exhilaration mode for the whole of today.

So my question is:
Do you have anything you would like me to ask him?
I plan on calling monday/tuesday so please comment or email asap.

Oh, and thankyou so much for your sweet comments on my last post- really made my day :)


FD said...

hei. at this moment we dont have any questions. just wanted to say - we adore your blog! :) FD

Demi said...

thank you honey, you're too lovely!

and wow, it sounds amazing! you're so lucky!!
I have no questions, i'm really crap with questions haha, but good luck with it anyway!
you lucky thing!!


Demi said...

oh and sorry, i forgot...

the options for gcses at my school were really crap, so i took geography, food tech and dida (ict)

you honey?


Anonymous said...

ahhhh you are sooo lucky!! :) i am looking forward to this!

of course i'd love to exchange links! I've just added you, darling!

La C.

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! I'm so happy for you!
Thank you for your fantastic comment on my last post, you are AWESOME!
Btw, I completely forgot to answer when you asked me about exchanging links but I added you :)
Love love love,

strikeapose said...

your linked dear. and i'm so jealous you live in england!

adele said...

that is fantastic, hooray for you!
it sounds like it was really good, something i'd have liked to go to.
ikea is a dangerous place. it's way too inspiring. everything is so minimalist but awesome at the same time, and i hate hate clutter.
and at the same time, it's frustrating because the pieces are a bit dodgily made sometimes, and are hard to put together. still, it's a very fun shopping trip.
this interview will be great for your blog, too :)
would i kill for a vivienne westwood red blazer or what!

LoveMore said...

oh wow you lucky thing! how exciting! looking forward to your interview...wooohoo!! :)

thanks for your comments! hahha love the dramatic music que...i laughed literally. good call! haha. good luck with doing your jeans! i am tossing and turning still over attempting on bleaching a pair of jeans myself...eeeek.

love LM xxxxx :)

jessica said...

that's amazing .

uhm, ask him .. oh i haven't the foggiest !
ouff, but im sure you'll ask fabulous ones :]


karl's sweet child said...

Wow, you are one lucky girl! Can't wait to read the interview!

Divinity Avenue said...

I did indeed take all of the photos. I am enjoying photos right now.

Eelie said...

YAY! I'm excited for you. Should be a neat interview cannot wait for his responce.

I'm a bit anxious when it comes to searching for suitable questions but i'd be interested to know if he follows what the current trends of the moment are and does he adjust his designs so that they are more fluid with the rest of the fashion industrys designs.

Or something along those lines lol.

Thank goodness for that disclaimer. I do not fancy acting the fool on video. I believe i do enough of that in photos haha.

E xoxo

Cate said...

I love that backstage picture! I always love the photos of the models and their names written next to it.. :D
Wow, but you're so lucky to be able to interview him!!! Currently I can't think of any question though...
And ohhhh you do ask embarrassing questions ^^ No, this boy is 12. and I help him with his Maths and Spanish homework and I get money for it ^^


♫ Vii ♫ said...

U're soo lucky.

I've passed a fabolous blog award to. Cause I think u're blog soo fabolous..
just check out my blog

closeup said...

hey there,

we've nominated your blog for the "your blog is fabulous"-award! check it out! (you'll find more information on our blog)


Anonymous said...

well arnt you the lucky one:)))
ask him..erm..what his favourite trend is atm?
hehe..ive been an utter cow today,but thatll wear down by tommorrow or something..i feel so mean!
i lost out to both in the end damn..oh well ill find something else
i did manage to catch both!i didnt watch the old seasons so itll be a new experience,but i love them both!
and ive never seen it but i guess ill watch it whenever,i like that kind of thing
anyone im gonna shoot to let you get on with interviewing someone fabulous you lucky lucky girl

Rand said...

oooh ofcourse sweetie i have added you:)x

electric feel said...

i'm really not a fan of Madame Westwood, but it sounds interesting!

Dooder City said...

Wow, that is amazing that you get to ask him questions.

Kay said...

That sounded so great! Lucky lucky...
also I am incredibly jealous you get to interview him, nice one!

Shini said...

woah look at your courage to go up to him! I suck at questions, so I'll leave it to you for a fabulous interview, be sure to hint that you might want samples and free clothes ;)

Krystal said...

im so proud for you! you must tell me how it all comes out x

Couture Carrie said...

How exciting!! I trust you to ask all the tough & important Qs!


jamie clare said...

oooooeeee that sounds like quite the thrill!

ask him the worst fashion trend right now. i always love that question. and don't let him say crocs or uggs because WE KNOWWWWW.

Jill said...

Does he have any constant sources of inspiration or does it change often?

(Lucky you, can't wait to see how this interview turns out!)

KEREN said...

Wow, that's so wickedly amazing!
I'm sure you know what to ask him; I only ask for all the gory details once the interview is conducted.

The Clothes Horse said...

That's so exciting! It's great that he seems so down to earth.

him said...

one doesnot become androgyne
one is born androgyne.
or not.

Qiwy said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!

your blog is great!


oddgirldiaries said...

i like your site and your wall. btw,the song is called rich girls by the virgins :-) hey i added your link,hope that's ok.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Late night snacking is fun, almost like a secret you are keeping =]

I would ask him- what is was like working side by side Vivienne Westwood? And what creates the inspiration. What influences his work?


molly said...

oh WOW, how exciting!!!
thats so lucky, i cant wait to hear about your phone call to him