for lottie

To carry out my new revolutionary idea to be posting everyday, from now on you should be recieving more outfit post from fashion flush. Don't get me wrong, there will still be an abundance of long winded rants about my fashion tastes, but these will be padded out with the occasional outfit post. This first one is for Lottie, whom i love dearly and didn't want to dissapoint!

(excuse the hair, it desperately needs highlights...)

{ top h&m . shorts diy . shoes cant remember . necklace tammy }
These shorts are an experiment. I decided i would hack into them and bleach them (hench the dark patches) within an inch of their lives in the name of fashion and alexander wang. Like?


becca. said...

wow, gorgeous outfit, i love your wall of fashion photos in the background, i have one like that in my room :)
outfit posts are great.
and so are our camerassss! :)

Raquel said...

oh you look so simple and cute! the pop of red is wonderful!

Demi said...

wow, very jealous of your legs honey!! haha.

love this outfit, simple but effective as they say ;)
and I love the pop of color...

glad you're doing outfit posts now :D


Demi said...

aw thank you very much honey :)

right, you look like someone, and it is stressing me out sooo much haha! if I figure out who, i will tell you! :D


Demi said...

thanks for the help honey, but its none of them, ahhh. i'm not going to sleep tonight lol!!
but you do look abit like mischa barton actually...

I will figure it out, I promise haha!!


Elizabeth said...

i love your outfit, and i love how you threw in the red!

surimay said...

oh you look lovely! i love how you've tucked in your top and the red shoes! red shoes!!! :D

ash said...

i love those shorts! they look really good with the tights.

your blog is awesome. wanna exchange links?

Rand said...

wooooooooooow u are so gorgee!!
love the second pic!
and that shirt is reallyy nice,love it
++i am still catching up with skins on the internet(coule more episodes till season 2)
but freddie he is HOT,i saw a few pics of him nd the begining of season3
so i love him(L)(L)
take care x

Anonymous said...

an outift post, and youve impressed me muchly!
love the top,the diy shorts and the lovely long tousled hair!
and we so should,we could be like sister blogs:)
and youve convinced me!i love the amaze ideas,i really will try them!
lol,i love the square bottles and holding them,it makes them so alluring and their cheaper than rimmel,so im definately gonna get some more:))
btw..im in awe of your walls..in the middle of doing some deco myself,im looking for insiration and you have been mine darlin!
90210,ahh cant wait!

Rabenschwarz said...

lovely spring look. so easy but so effective.
btw could you alter my link?
from 'rabenschwarz' to *rabenschwarz?

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful! the outfit is simple but incredibly effective. grey and red work really well together
looking forward to the next one :)

Enep said...

your style is great. and your blog is lovely ;)

xo ;3

La Couturier said...

Darling. You are gorgeous. I LOVE your hair! =]

And I will try my best to work on a post for you =]. I hope you don't mind waiting a week (I have a little post explaining my lack of posting!)

La C.

Rachie-Pie said...

shorts i like, and hair is FINE!

♥ fashion chalet said...

linked ya back, gorgeous! =]


LoveMore said...

oh hello there! you are a real beauty honey...love your hair! and your inspiration wall behind you. hot hot. xxx love LM

Anna Pope said...

You look so nice, I love the shoes especially with the rest of the outfit!

cheap thrills said...

cute outfit

closeup said...

your hair is soooooooooooo beautiful, I'm jealous. Though we've got the same color yours is a hundred times prettier!

M. and O. said...

Thank you for your comment! I like your dress!! =D


Mash said...

love your necklace <3
have a good week end

Anonymous said...

<3 your style!!
check out my blog, I think you might like it!
beijos lulu

Olive the Brave said...

great outfit! i like your collage too :]

sexyinthecity said...

Love your blog!
You looks lovely with this outfit!!


Joanna said...

i like the shorts!
:O alexander wang mention
check out my blog http://letstalkwang.blogspot.com
name dedicated to him (:
of course.


Oh my gosh jeans!!!
I totally love it and you could pull it off.

i recommend
have fun^^

AMIT said...

Your style in the picture is just i loved it.

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