chains, bolts and screws

I was shopping with my cousin last year and had a 'stand still and stare at an outfit' moment. Ye olde Cambridge, where i live, is hardly a fashion mecca, so when these occasions occur, i like to remember the moment. The girl, young with blonde curly hair, was dressed in a simple shirt, high waisted tweed shorts, tights, oxfords, and a pile of chains around her neck. But it is the chains alone that have stuck in my head.

Without realising, i think i have a deep love for chains. From my days as a 'chav' (please, dont ask!), and from my love of all things adrodgynous, i see chains as sexy, raw and industrial. Three words that probably shouldn't be put together, but in the sake of chains, somehow work! Piled on around necks or wrists, they de-tract overtly feminine florals or ruffles, and add personality and style.

So whilst browsing for a post topic, i instantly fell in love with Von Kottwitz's 'Industrial' collection. Compiled of bolt bracelets and long strands of chunky chains, the designer and former 'StyleSight' editor has come up trumps. Better yet, each peice is unique in being both eyecatching and personal to the wearer. There truly is nothing like stainless steal to get my heart racing...


Demi said...

haha, no I havent honey! ahhh, I will though! lol.

ahhh, i'm a sucker for layered necklaces...that girls outfit sounds awesome!


becca. said...

chains are lovely :]
and the girls outfit sounds really coool :)
i love it when your shopping and you see someone which looks really fab.
its inspiring.


Raquel said...

which one? I have several zara shoes hehe I took the studded ones, and wore them the day before and the next day I guess, you can see the picture, I'll make another post tonight
ps: the bracelets are so cute.

ellie said...

Cool. Maybe you cold make your own.

Claire said...

wow, who knew bolts could look so glamorous? I don't know if I could pull off this look though...

Anonymous said...

i wont ask about the chav thing,but lols anyway..
chains are cute oui oui and i love the hardcore vibe they give off..
and yeah imm like that when i see a stylish person in souhend too,their usually hanging out in topshop.
shall start to watch it,as it looks quite good actually.
(but ive watched like 8 hours of telly today,whilst shredding a tshirt aka childhood flames style:)

FashionSqueah! said...

I love loads of chains, all piled on top of each other and don't worry about the chav thing, been there done that, won't share the pictures! Basic High school survival, I think! Char x

Claire said...

they're savage! :)
kinda like effy;s in skins too... hers are epicc

Twobreadsplease said...

I love the jewellery so much, the nuts and bolts are swish. x

Rachie-Pie said...

lol i love chains! im nowhere as layered up as the photos you used but chains - its all the same! I prefer gold!

「 ℒady ℐehanné.ℋ 」 said...

This is such a lovely blog you have here! ♥

- if you would like to view my blogs just e-mail me! xoxox

Shini said...

love how you said raw and industrial, makes you appreciate them on a female body more... and wow I didnt know knobs and bolts would look so great on jewellery too...here's comes the industrial revolution again! ;)

Ambroisine said...

Those chains are gorgeous, I love the chains on the second picture.. I can only dream of them they are too expensive for me :( Btw you are so cute on the previous post with those shorts :)

Anonymous said...

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Qiwy said...

I love those chains!


Anna Pope said...

I've been feeling the chain love recently. Those necklaces are great!

M. and O. said...

My colleague from the blog, Mariam added new photos of her, come on :)


I.M.O.W and The City said...

love the chains..:) if only they wer gold..:{ ...
they are nice anyway..

Annie said...

these are gorgeous! so substantial and interesting!

great blog :)


Blicious said...

found your blog! love this post! :)

neira said...

i love when i see industrial things like that meeting up with fashion
love the bracelet