itsy bitsy post

I have a new camera. So yes, this does mean more outfit posts, just as soon as i get round to it.

I've also been tagged by the stylish In Vogue, with a tag that seems alot of fun!

1. Post a picture of the bag, purse, handbag, pocketbook [whatever you call it] that you are carrying. Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting your very favorite one or that cute little vintage clutch that you carried the last time you went out...I want to see the purse that you carried today!

- Technically this is a lie seeing as i carried my art folder today, but this is the bag I used last. Its from H&M, is snakeskin and is a shoulder back that doubles as a clutch.

2. Tell us how much it cost. Oh my, I know what you are thinking - a proper lady would never discuss matters of money, darling. Well, yes, but today we are gonna break that rule and tell. Yes, tell how much it cost. We won't judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it.

- Easy Peasy. It was £14.99. I bought it after posting about how i don't like the idea of small bags. So i thought i'd try it out, and now i guess i'm converted.

The bloggettes that i am tagging are: She said, Demi, Lottie, Couture Carrie, ♥ fashion chalet, *Deline, dapper kid, trish, becca., Kay and LoveMore.

I've also recieved awards from the gorgeous Lottie, Demi, and The Style Extraordinaire. Thankyou! I'm tagging whoever chooses to comment. You all deserve it!


Raez said...

exciting! id love to see more outfit posts:D

and awesome, adding you right now as well:)


Twobreadsplease said...

The bag's really cute! And a new camera sounds exciting, what make is it? I've been thinking about getting a new one.. x

frances said...

this is a wicked tag! and that bag is as cute as anyything. x

michelle said...

that bag is very pretty(:

Raquel said...

oh I want a new camera tooooo! hope to see more outfit posts :) plus your hair looks amazing!!
ps: the bag is the cutest small one I've ever seen!

strikeapose said...

What an adorable bag!!

strikeapose said...

What an adorable bag!!

Divinity Avenue said...

That bag is so cute!

I think my boyfriend had that camera... but then his dog ate it. Whoops.

The Style Extraordinaire said...

Hey Molly! Thanks for the Happy Birthday Comment! I appreciate it. I am going shopping & I think I am going to buy heaps of high waisted skirts, I am obsessed with them!
Btw, I totally want to marry your blog. (:

Rand said...

i love the bag

Shini said...

Ooo I see you've bought a powercamera :D! can't wait to see more outfit shots! Cute bag, and from H&M, whaddaya know ;)

Anonymous said...

thankyou fdor tagging me darling:)
shall do it next time i blogg.
great new camera,expecting a gorgeous outfit post soon molly as your clothes are amazing!and you have lovely hair, and a lovely new photo:)
(cant WAIt for jjs ep of skins! i love him!)

becca said...

wow thanks for tagging me (:
and i have your cameraaaa! :)
its a nice camera, my little sister broke the screen but the viewfinder works wheeey! :)
the bags lovely too :)
good luck in your maths module! :)


zoë said...

aww cute little purse !
i love minibags, i have this tiny sequined purse that's basically a kitty kat's face, and i can barely fit my cell phone in it but i love it to bits .
although i also love suuuuperbig slouchy creamy lovely leather bags .
so i guess i'm undecided ;]

yay for a new camera !
you lucky girl you .
& double yay for more outfit posts !
looking forward to it looovve .

La Couturier said...

That bag is sooo darling! =]

La C.

Jessica said...

the purse is adorableee - this tagging business sounds fun! lol. <33

katherinelou said...

can't wait to see outfit posts !
thanks for stopping by my blog !

yiqin; said...

I have been wanting a new camera too! But mine still works alright :/

Je ne sais quoi said...

wow! i´ve just fallen in love with your bag! is so so so cute!...

Rand said...

you have been tagged xD

Taylor said...

i love your blog.

July Girl said...

the bag is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful!

Thanks for tagging me, I'd love to do it but I still haven't got my camera back :(

I bought the same bag as yours the day your posted this tag-game-thing. Funny coincidence. Mine is black though.

Love :)

closeup said...

love love love this bag!!

nuha nuha said...

THAT BAG IS BEYOND WORDS TO DIE FOR. AMAZING! i loveeeee it, and it's snakeskin. woooah.

Andy said...

Nice camera! I'm back after 20 days, check my new post :)


Pixienish said...

My God i love your bag!

Anonymous said...