grunging over london

London Fashion was primarily known as major contributors to the Punk and Grunge trend in the 1970/80s. Main players such as Vivienne Westwood empowered teens and young adults to dress in a way that was 'anti-fashion', and 'anti-glamour', pushing the boundries of what the fashion world considered fashionable. With such bands as the Ramones and The New York Dolls influencing the youth, women were encouraged to dress in a way that was adrogynous and similar to their male peers. The best thing about this look was that it was accessable; shops such as SEX were stocking cheap, Punk/Grunge inspired layers, such as slogan t-shirts, doc martins, leather jackets and tight jeans for cheap prices. This era was about rebellion, and was a landmark point for the rising independance of young British citizens.

With the beginning of London Fashion Week, we can see that this look is still apparent in the time of the recession. With lack of funding for most of the youth (i.e- me!), we can see more and more reliance on the 'anti-fashion' trend to express ourselves in what has now become 'fashionable'. Leather jackets and lace up boots are key items that contribute to this look, aswell as oversized layers and skinny jeans.

TOPSHOP UNIQUE- Slouchy layers, leather Jackets and Doc Marten style boots.

SINHA-STANIC- Doc Martens, Leather Moto Jackets, Slogans

CHARLES ANASTASE- Leather Moto Jackets, Doc Martens, Tight trousers, Slogans


Bella said...

Damn, the shoes are too fabulous!

Demi said...

you are such a good writer!!
i'm loving London fashion week so far :)


Raez said...

urgh, those collections were AMAZING! you have great taste! ;)

and I'm really digging you blog!
would you like to trade links?



this wheel's on fire said...

You're so right! The influences are very clear...

becca. said...

wonderful blog (:
your a really good writer, i enjoyed reading that.

ps. could you tell me what that top blogs in manchester thing is, bottom left of your page. coz my blog is on there (:

much love,



Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

loveee this post =)
you have a great sense of style & a real flair for writing.
thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog ((london--rose.blogspot.com)) ♥

Eri said...

Topshop shoes were amazing! The collection was cool too.

Jessica said...

im really lovin those sheer pants - although i dont know if ill ever have the guts to wear them

La Couturier said...

I shall be on the hunt for shoes too! ;]

And wonderful, wonderful picks, as per usual!

La C.

♥ fashion chalet said...
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♥ fashion chalet said...

Those spiky boots, perfect!!!!!!!!

Yes, agreed, the Dark Knight was thrilling, gripping, and astonishing. GO Heath!! =]

Thank you, Molly<3 xxx

FashionAddict said...

I can't say I really liked the collection but I did really like the shoes! But the bet that the male model is wearing...

strikeapose said...
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Georgie said said...

Just walk around camden and you will see punk never died.
I still have a old pair of doc martins from my youth... they however don't really fit without muchos pain.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting as always :)
So you got a camera! Does it mean we'll get to see more of your outfits?

PILAR said...

london fashion week is amazing!

agnes said...

aww.. i love the way you describe about it. lovely:)

Kay said...

It's a shame Topshop hasn't adjusted their prices to match eughh. I thought I'd quite like the Topshop Unique collection but it's all a bit too bluntly sci-fi for my liking.
I lovedd Charles Anastase's collection (:

dapper kid said...

Ahhh how I love Doc Martens, you can never go wrong with them! I am seriously in need of good retro leather bikers jacket!

OhDearLeah said...

cool outfits!

i saw you liked the notebook! that is one of the greatest films ever! a tear comes to my eye when I think of it lol, you will not believe how hard i cried when i first watched it.

would you like to trade links?

Couture Carrie said...

Great assessment - Topshop and Charles A were very grunge/punk!


zoƫ said...

kickassss post .
i love that you feature designers that we don't hear about everyday, it gives me something new to discover all the while staying relevent !

your blog is a gem, doll :]
have a good weeeek !

Noelle Chantal said...

very interesting collection. i'm liking the last two photos esp that see thru pants! very nice! :)

chloe said...

love the big clompy boots paired with everything!

LoveMore said...

you writing sensation you! :) loved your post..and i agree with your reflections.
keep up the amazing work lovely one!

xxxx LM

Raquel said...

thank you honey!
that's very grunge

Georgie said said...

I totally forgot to mention where I got my necklace from. It was from alexandchloe.com years and years ago. But have a look on etsy as theres loads of people selling the same thing but for a quarter of the price I paid.

Cate said...

Exactly, that era was about rebellion. I wish I'd lived to see that era. Now it is just another fashion trend. I think that's a pity. There is nothing in our decade that is not made a fashion trend, there is nothing that is anti-fashion. Geeks are fashionable now, I have read somewhere that this is the era of "everything goes". And that's such a pity, because it stops the fashion world from developing.

And haha, I'd gladly mail you a muffin if we didn't eat them all... :)


closeup said...

great great!!

yeah, i love oversize shirts/sweaters as well!! because they are very very comfortable and still stylish ;)

hugs :)

surimay said...

YES! grunge is back! although..it's always been lurking around somewhere. haha. but it's back..moreeee :D

Eeli said...

Hey Molly!

Hope you've been well dear. Another very relevant post. I'm a fan of the grunge/sombre layers so this is really appealing to me :)

As for the piercings they're all located on my ears. They're just all 'exotic' pieces like the daith, an industrial is going to be pierced in soon (later today?) though and a tattoo etched sometime in the coming weeks.

Hope you've been well ;)

Anna Pope said...

I loved the white boots from Topshop Unique, so pretty!

Lori said...

I love the doc martens ;)

Anonymous said...

thankyou for your wonderful comment:)
grunge rocks and well all be rocking that this season:)
and how did you get so many readers?
advice please:)))

Dooder City said...

Top Shop always gets it right! Seriously.

The Clothes Horse said...

I really like Sinha-Stanic.

xs said...

that sinha stanic dress is lovely. the beading is exquisite.

Shini said...

Really liking the idea of anti-fashion, something so attractive about going against current trends and being all 'pretty'...great picks, loving the leather jackers by Topshop..

CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love it. Great post.

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