"It’s a bit like Andy Warhol’s Factory"

Last week, the lovely people over at Underlining Colours emailed me. Of course i was glad on two levels; one because i love emails in general and the other because i discovered a whole new source of inspiration. The site, run by London Art students covers areas of Fashion, Art and Graphics, which results in quarterly updates of 'projects'. These cover work from students and established designers and artists. The team choose a 'muse' each quarter to base the issue on, whether it be an artist, fashion designer, or photographer, making it ever easier to discover the future stars of the industry, and for young designers to showcase their work.

(Nick Heikkinen's Photography, current issue)
Since discovering the website, i have fallen in love with its inspiring images and photos, aswell as its young 'vibe' and layout. In this episode, the 'Power' Issue, which covers the idea of girl power and fashion, there is some marvelous work from Photographer and Stylist 'Nick Heikkenin', in which my darling House Of Holland Wedges are featured; some beautiful graphics from the lovely Pok U Chan, and some stunning architectual photography from Daniele Longo. I decided to ask Pok U Chan and Nick Heikkinen, two of the contributors a bit more about what Underlining Colours is about...

First of all, talk me through exactly what Underlining Colours is.
Underlining Colours is an online magazine/gallery which was started by agroup of artists, all graduates from University of Arts London (CentralSaint Martins and LCF). Because of the interdisciplinary background of theartists - the works on the website are of a diverse range of media –photography, fashion, graphics and animation. It’s a bit like Andy Warhol’s Factory except that we don’t really work underneath the same roof and we are London based and we have that London edge on our website. We update the site quarterly and the starting point for each issue is the muse.

(pok u chan, current issue)

What do/ or did you guys wish to achieve through the website?
HAVE FUN when doing it. All the people contributing to the site are so amazingly talented so have to say: name and fame for everybody! (laughing)

How do you think the fact that you are graduates helps put a differentspin to the site?

Well Pok U Chan is a very recent graduate - last summer, all the rest graduated a year before her or so. Think it’s just different kind of energy and approach. We have a fresh look on things, and we are always living on the pulse. We understand how hard it is to get your first break in the industry and many of the contributors to the website have just started establishing themselves and being self funded and all that puts you out of your comfort zone.

Aswell as Fashion, you include art and illustration to your website. What are your views on the connections between art and fashion?Like many of fashion designers, fashion photographers, stylists etc we definitely get inspired by different artists from different eras as well when doing the fashionshoots. For the upcoming menswear issue (out early March) we were inspired by Titian and Botticelli and the colours in Miami. In general for us it’s extremely important that different forms of art get shown on the website alongside with fashion.

Finally, What sort of person do you look for when choosing your 'muses' for the issues?
It can be something unusual about this person that makes him/her beautiful, likes scars can be beautiful and define you. It’s also thefeeling around that person, kind of aura I guess. Many of our muses tellus very personal stories how they have got through hardships in their lives or how they are coming into terms who they are and that inspire us.When we first started the whole website we were inspired by Diane Arbusand Nobuyoshi Araki and how they worked with their muses. For the upcoming issue we chose four different guys and a couple of them are probably a bit different what you’d normally expect to see on the website, but then again, we don’t want to be predictable.:)

We can expect good things both from the website, and the graduate contributors...

You can visit the website here
Or the Myspace/Blog here


Demi said...

aw thank you very much honey, you're such a darling!!

ooh some lovely clothes here!


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Now wouldn't that be brilliant? The two of us, smack dab in the middle of nyc during Fashion Week! ahhhh! I think I'll make a part two tomorrow.... coming soon! =]


Emily Anne said...

Oh thats so awesome! Totally checking it out.

And your so welcome honey!
I love fashion flush :)

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lovely clothesss! :)
thankyou for the comment, i've just literally put up a new post :)
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good interview!

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Look at those shoes!

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this is a great post. i'm going to check out that site right away!

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nice heels!!!
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wow! this is amazing! must go look at more :D
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PILAR said...

love your blog♥
and i want to be a fashion journalist too!

a kiss from argentina

PILAR said...

and i follow your blog!

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what a great feature! i will most definitely poke around for more information about this, the images are stunning!

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WOW. Cool shoes huh. I love it! I think I want one! Hihi. :)

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Awesome!! cool website ;D

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Rand said...

oooh u are doin triple!
i came too late in year 9 so the put me in the second top set
maths we have finished it,we have one more in june.can hardly wait
we finished our mocks,, anywyas good luck xD

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous interview, darling! Love the shoes in those first two pics!


Dooder City said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. Very bold lovely looks.

Chloe said...

Really? How funny!

If you don't mind me asking,
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great interview and impressive journalism. i am definitely visiting the site.

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I love all these colors! And I think your fundraising idea for the Gucci shoe is brilliant. Let's place an ad up!!

La C.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for your sweet comment!
Fyi, there are 2 new posts as I was able to upload the pictures that were still on my camera :)

This magazine looks awesome, I love visual arts so it's just made for me! The photos by Pok U Chan are beautiful.

It seems your journalist career is taking off! Congratulations!

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I like the orange socks.haha. very stylish.

TheMinx said...

my god I completely love the photography!! Wonderful interview, and fab blog :)

dapper kid said...

Ooh how wonderful, I'll definitely be checking out their site. And I am in love with those first two looks, the colours are amazing!

The Clothes Horse said...

This sounds very cool. Also the shoes in the first two images are AWESOME.
P.S. About the Fruits book(s), I am a big fan. I got the first one six years ago and it practically changed my life. :) I recently also bought the Nylon Street style book and I must say it does not compare to Fruits.

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That was a really interesting read! I might just check out their website :)

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i loved reading this, im envious of you!

Kay said...

It sounds like such an interesting idea, I'll check it out (: Ooh I love getting e-mails too, I mean letters are obviously better but that is the English nerd inside of me coming out.

Ahh I know! I've just hardly been at home for the past few days (revising in starbucks during the day, then always doing stuff afterwards) so I've had very little time to post and stuff but I try to do it daily so they've been a bit crap lately! And it means I've got so so behind on returning comments BUT I am in now (:

Yep it's pretty much opposite it! I love that art shop. Have you ever been to Yippee Noodles (not sure whether I already asked you this)? It is SO GOOD. I'm not sure if you've been there before but if you haven't you should try the plain noodles - they aren't actually plain at all, they are SO NICE and you get looaddds for £2.95 - and lemon chicken. And I know the son of the guy who owns it, but sadly he's a bit weird.
That's practically the same as me, although they didn't offer history of art at st marys. English Lit. is amaaazing, it's so so interesting. I always found GCSE kind of restricting if that makes sense, there was a lot of jumping through hoops and it was all pretty basic concepts. History is really good too but so much harder than GCSE, it's far less narrative. Where are you thinking of going for sixth form?
Nope I haven't been there but apparently it is really good, I was going to go their once with my boyfriend but I was being all bratty and insisted on going to Yippee Noodles even though we go there all the time. I might soon though because I think it's supposed to be quite cheap? It's quite world-foody I think.

Demi said...

I gave you some awards, honey :)


Anonymous said...

i've never heard of underlining colors but it seems really cool. you have a really awesome blog!

Eeli said...

For some reason their webpage isn't sending through :( But they do sound like they'd be a huge source for inspiration and up and coming designers. What a neato idea!

Hope you've been weel my dear.

Happy sat! ;)

Luv always Eeli xx

Becca Jane said...

great interview - and thanks for sharing about a very cool and inspiring site.

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Claire said...

re: yeah it is a kanye song, but tepr (the guy i was talking about in the post) does a remix of it and it was on my itunes while i was posting :)

also, i would definetly recommend art history as a subject. its brilliant i really love it. if you have got an interest in it then i would say go for it. everyone loves studying subjects they love.... if that makes sence...?

great blog btw, I'll defo be checking it out

electric feel said...

amazing clothes

Cate said...

Damn girl, you're so lucky!!! You got to actually interview them? I get more and more convinced that fashion journalist is really the perfect job for you.
I found the last question you asked them most interesting. Thank you for introducing us to the website too, I see why you love it so!
And also thanks for your comment. They're always so nice.

agnes said...

WOW!.i'm very impressed.

Lori said...

lol I love getting emails too.

I'm gonna have to check them out

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