changing opinions

I promised myself i wouldn't stay up all night viewing New York fashion Week, but yes, i have sinned, and have now seen all of the collections, read the reviews, and am now too tired to even get out of bed. But whats becoming apparent is how my opinions have changed towards some designers, even the ones that are new. I've been told that i'm opinionated and i know that i'm quite stubborn at times, but when i'm finding that designers i had hated last season or that i didn't like the sound of to be more than satisfactory, i know that something is changing.

Par Example, the Barbie show gave me shudders as i pictured a frivolous affair laden with pink and small fluffy poodles. When infact, it actually looked like alot of fun, and some of the clothing was far more wearable, far more exciting and dare i say far more fashionable than i had imagined.

The makeup was quite extroadinary too, reminds me of Dior Couture from last year...

A second collection that has caught my usually unforgiving fashion eye is Victoria Beckham. When i read the description for the collection (timeless, things women will want to wear etc etc) it all sounded a bit predictable. Which i suppose it is, but the small twists like the Herve Leger shoulders make it more modern, and more 'VB'. It reflects Victoria's style well, which i suppose is what collection are meant to do in the first place.

The final collection i was suprised to like was Miss Sixty. When it's previous collections come to mind i picture jeans and then the rest just meges into chav territory. So i usually don't even bother viewing the collection as i never expect anything more. But this time, although the majority is quite plainly of the norm, i found myself quite entranced by two of the outfits. The trashy pop look is reborn and revolutionised through the use of exaggerated puff sleves and tailored waists...

all images: the fashion spot


Kay said...

I'm really surprised at the Victoria Beckham collection, I actually like it! I think it's a definite improvement on her previous collection as well.
Eughh I too have always been pretty anti-Miss Sixty but I have to say the pieces you've shown look pretty impressive.

I hate it when you find something really nice but it's just not in good enough condition to warrant buying it ): The Femme place is next to the beauty Guilio which is next to the men's Guilio. He doesn't actually work there he just lives near there - he works in a gym and as a waiter at Clare College. Although I'm sure he would love to work for Mr. Fagito, he likes to think they have a special bond. Yes I have been there, it is always packed! I got a glasses case from the one in london that's green and has ladybirds and flowers on it and it's still going despite the fact I've dropped it innumerable times.
I do Art, Psychology, English Lit. and Modern History (which starts around the 1800s). I'll probably be dropping Psychology next year though because it's a lot more traditionally science-y than I was expecting. What subjects are you planning on taking for AS?

Sorry for the epic comment!

Ambroisine said...

I'm a bit surprised but my favourite is Victoria Beckam collection, the white coat & black dress are so elegant !

Raquel said...

I adore the fourth outfit,i would wear it right away!!

Emily Anne said...

I really enjoyed reading your opinions on all the designers you chose. Im not a huge lover of pink, but i do love legally blonde, therefore im torn between loving and hating the Barbie show. Although I do like the bottom right outfit, that i might wear.
But i Looove the VB Collection. That little black dress on the bottom right is hot.
And then the Miss Sixty collection. All I got to say is that I cant believe the trashy pop look is making a comeback! Not sure how i feel about that.

Great post. xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous choices!
The Barbie show was so fun!
And Vicky Becks is already evolving - her collection has a hint of Balenciaga to it, no?

Wonderful post, darling!


Cate said...

There's a designer called Barbie? Awesome. I find after looking at too many pictures or watching too many videos, that fashion shows are quite boring, but I could watch that Barbie collection and not be bored, especially that with the fluffy poodles, because even if it isn't really good taste, it must be fun!
The pictures you posted from it are so much fun too.
Oh, you mentioned Dior Couture... That's another show I don't tire of watching.
I found Victoria Beckham's collection a little boring, like her style... But I admit I love that mini dress in the last picture you posted.
I liked the make-up at Miss Sixty's show!

this wheel's on fire said...

you picked such great photos to display :)

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
ooh I definitely have to take a look at nyfw, I'll sit down and have a good wander around style.com later!!

I love the studded dress in victoria beckhams collection - its yummy!

have a great week!


She said said...

The barbie collection was loads of fun. And I to was shocked about VB's collection, that purpler jacket is one of the items I espically liked. But over all it was much more than I exected.

frances said...

Hmm, I was definitely not too sure about Miss Sixty, but I see your point! The last Barbie picture was my faaave look of that collection, it's great. x

muchlove said...

I've been lusting over Victoria Beckham's designs too. I really like the deep shade of purple in that first jacket. The last dress is one of my favourite too.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd like Victoria Beckham's collection but here I am dreaming of this purple jacket...

Anonymous said...

lovely outfits you've chosen to feature here. my favorite are the second set of photos, but especially the one on the right in the second set.

The Clothes Horse said...

I really love the last piece in the Barbie set. Very Blair Waldorf and the black and navy combo is so sophisticated.

strikeapose said...

I love love love the pink coat! Wow, I never would have thought that was miss sixty. Normally, I don't like them at all, but I'm certainly impressed and eager to see more!

zoƫ said...

vb's collection is stunning ! who woulda thought, really ?
and i didn't even know that barbie had a runway show ahahha . but most of the clothes aren't the predictable 'barbie pink' and so on, they're actually pretty cute .
good post :)

Trish said...

WOW. I love this collection!! :D

Rand said...

oh yes i saw that video,its so depressing!but i lovee it
am trying to wear these shoes more often as they dont go with everything but i am going to wear them anyways lol
i really like the fourth pic,the one which looks kinda school uniform:) how come you never post you picss?(like the ones u are in)
post some
ps its holidays!!
-and i have some much work...do you have a core chemistry exam on 4th of march too?:/

LoveMore said...

i agree about VB! she shocked me too and i really love the ones you shared especially also.
thanks for your comment doll!

love always LM xxx

Dooder City said...

isn't it worth losing sleep over though?

closeup said...

oh I'd love to watch the nyfw but unfortunately it's not on tv here :( .. *jealous* ^^

becca. said...

wow, victoria beckham, collections really nice (:



Ashton said...

VB's collection just reflects her personal style so well, I love it. I also loved the barbie collection.

daisyamy said...

I am surprised at the VB collection but do love it.

And I would love to exchange links thanks :)
I'll add you now :)

i devour fashion said...

hi! your blog is too interesting not to leave some lovin'!
i love victoria beckham's and i love the '60's so much. they are just forgiving on the waist and i love Twiggy.

take care! =)

Jessica said...

i actually really liked VB's collection, as much as I hate to admit it - (i mean, after all, she was the least talented spice girl).

Thanks for the comment dear!

(i added you to my links list =D)

♥ fashion chalet said...

dolls. living dolls!
I love this post =]

and thank youuuu <3


Chloe said...

I wondered too
Perhaps just digital editing

le femme said...

Great post!
I don't usually look at the Miss Sixty runway photos either, are gorgeous.

Daphne said...

this is so amazin!

La Couturier said...

Thank you, Molly; you're so sweet! =]

And I'm surprisingly in love with the VB collection! I'd wear every single piece. That is, if I could afford it!

La C.

kaitlyn said...

i LOVED the barbie show, and posh really did an amazing job. i feel like moving to LA has made her into a real fashion icon.

dapper kid said...

I really enjoyed the Barbie collection to be honest, it was exactly what I had been expecting, but not in a boring way. It pretty much made me smile the entire way through, and fashion that makes me happy is the best type :)

surimay said...

wow. victoria beckham's collection really does remind you strongly of her. haha. looks fairly good. very chic and wearable.

barbie!!! yes...it does conjure up a lot of pink but i've noticed that for serious collectors they have such a massive range of amazingly dressed barbies...it's like..ridiculous!

miss sixty is alright. i like these prints made out of magazine covers! have to go look now :D

Rabenschwarz said...

i'm really surprised too about victoria beckhams collection. looks very good. i never, never thought that victoria would can make someting like that.

Ariella said...

Wow, that Barbie collection really does look quite amazing... I need to take a closer look at that! I love the look with the blazer, and that extrordinary pink coat. Wow.

LoveMore said...

thanks for your comment honey! i still think barbie is so cute!

tagged you lover!
xxx LM

CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love these collections. Great post.

Stay chic,

Anna Pope said...

I agree completely with you! There were so many surprises this fashion week. VB being the biggest one probably, as I completely adored her collection!