"bling is dead"?

Don't you love the iGoogle homepage? I must have 5 different widgets that let me keep up with the fashion world without clogging up my inbox. My particular favourites are the Fashion Spot thread alert, and the Telegraph Fashion update.

So when a post titled "bling is dead" arrived on the Telegraph widget today, and reading the description, I discovered the quote was from no one less than bling lord KARL LAGERFELD. I had a giggle to myself, much to the confusion of my mother, who was in the same room, and wondering what on earth it was that was making me laugh out loud during a particually sad scene in Hollyoaks (an english soap for all the lovely continental bloggers).

(picture source: google search for k lagerfeld)
However, contradicting Karl's usual fashion-foot-in-mouth media quotes, he has taken some rather insightful descisions related to the recent reccession. Karl has stipulated that to play his part in the economic crisis he shall 'spring clean' the chanel label. The chanel big-boy, and designer for Fendi and his own label 'Karl' confessed to the telegraph that:

"Bling is over. Red carpetry covered with rhine-stones is out. I call it 'the new modesty'.",

Although he may be the worst example in all creation for accessory overload (not forgetting that Chanel's trademark pearls are incredibly expensive!), i'm suprised to admit that I kind of agree with what he had to say. Karl seems to believe that reccesion will be a 'good thing' for the fashion industry, which is true as it means only the most innovative and unique labels will triumph, forcing the more laid-back labels to improve thier own collections and re-invent brands in order to keep up sales. Which means the fashion community should look forward to bigger and better collections come A/W 09.

Well, I must say Karl, you've done me proud. And for that, i have compiled a Chanel-esque outfit just for you.

(black lbd, topshop, tights tesco, pearls various, belt, primark)
sorry for the bad quality- i will hopefully buy a better camera soon!

"I see it like a healthy thing, a horrible but healthy thing. It's a medical treatment of the world, I see it like this."

You can read the whole article here


Emily Anne said...

Love the overall simplicity..its very adorable!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment,ill try watching that:)
it was this small exhibition at Beecroft Art Gallery in Southend.Its very small so its probably not worth travelling for,but if you ever feel like the thames,the pier and rossis ice cream,check it out:)
btw,i love your blog and sence of style!iw ould love to excahnge links,if your,erm interested?
and im glad you appreciate the only nice things from primark.With all these glamorous topshop-esque fashion bloggers these days,i avoid primark and feel ashamed of my items from there.But youve changed my mind!
sorry this is incredibly text heavy,guess i erm,have some stuff to say!

Raquel said...

the outfit is great! love the belt.xx

Anonymous said...

In my opinion he's a genius. Pretentious yes but brilliant.
Your outfit is beautiful, simple yet very elegant :)

LetsGetSandy said...

oh, i had no idea you could have those things on igoogle! that made my day!
love the chanel-esque outfit, i have that belt!
lovely blog :)

Fashion Babbler said...

I love your outfit!! The dress is wicked cute!

The Clothes Horse said...

This outfit is awesome. The end of "bling" while I don't really believe can happen, could be a good thing. People have some messed up priorities with money that need to get straight...

Anonymous said...

karl will say anything to justify people buying chanel. i don't see how he can say bling is dead when he did those huge jewel bib necklaces for s/s 09.

the pearls look great on you though.

Bella said...

Such a classic-chic look... incredible touch with the pearls!

Rabenschwarz said...

your outfit is so cute and classy, i really like lbd and pearls. lovely.

Emily Anne said...

Molly - Im tagging you for the 4th and 4th!! If you have no idea what im talking about, check out my post for today ;)

dapper kid said...

I adore the outfit, that bow is simply lovely dear. I still feel the whole bling thing could go one of two ways this year: either people sober up because of the economy, or because of hard times, they decide to flash more cash. Oh and I linked you in my sidebar dear :)

Divinity Avenue said...

Yes indeed, it is I riding in both of those pictures. Thanks for the comment, dear!

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
yes, lanvin really impressed me! i've never really been that excited about their collections before, but i loved their s/s 09 - fabulous!
I love futuristic too! I loved all the silvers and the shapes!

lovely outfit - I love the pearls!

closeup said...

looove the belt!!

thanks for commenting ^^

adele said...

sure, added you to the blogroll!
i gotta get into this google homepage stuff. it sounds nifty.
the word bling has always irked me. hopefully now people will have less occaison to use it!

oh and thankyou very much for your advice regarding oils. it seems like a medium that grows on you. i like the way it blends.
oh and i use a canon 400d (rebel xti). i bought it on ebay for AU$580, the body and lens separately. i'd reccommend it, however the autofocus can be annoying at times. still it's a beautiful camera.

Marcella said...

An outfit very befitting of Chanel, you look gorgeous darling! xx

Nina (femme rationale) said...

very lovely outfit...totally channeling chanel. and we'll see if lagerfeld sticks to his guns. ;)

Trish said...

Omg! Karl Lagerfeld is the god!! :)

brittany said...

ooo thanks for the link! i'm going to read it riiight now. i love karl because he is SO ridiculous but sometimes he surprises everyone when he says things like this. shows how brilliant he really is. then again he IS the man behind chanel.

cute outfit btw ;) VERY chanelesque.

♫ Vii ♫ said...

thx for ur comment.
yea, its more comfortable and feel more 'together'. :)

I like that outfit.
so fit on u.

LoveMore said...

oh wow girl! great post...and that outfit looks soooo amazing! wear it out one night for sure hottie!
thanks for your sweet comment my love. u are a beauty. xxxx love LM

Couture Carrie said...

Loooooove this outfit!


P.S. Hope bling will never die . . .

molly said...

youre so pretty!

and im canadian, but im excited about barack obama too :)

ennui said...

very simple, yet cute!

Helene said...

Love your outfit!

Dress Like a Princess said...


jaime said...

LOVELOVE this! what a classic, chic outfit :)